Watsi | Fund medical treatments for people around the world

Today I came across Watsi, a non-profit straight-forward crowd-sourcing platform aimed towards high impact healthcare treatment. My daughter Imaan used her birthday collection to fund $500 for Diana in Tanzania.

Diana suffers from daily pain because of a foot deformity that forces her walk on the outsides of her feet.

Diana is a shy, quiet girl who likes to tell stories and play with dolls, but without surgery to treat her condition, she won’t be able to live a normal, active life or walk to school.

Diana’s parents want their daughter to receive medical care, but they have other children to support and they only make a modest income by selling milk from their cows.

So what can our businesses learn from Watsi?

In a marketplace that’s open to just about anyone, the only people we hear are the people we choose to hear. Media is cheap, sure, but attention is filtered, and it’s virtually impossible to be heard unless the consumer gives us the ability to be heard. The more valuable someone’s attention is, the harder it is to earn.

And who gets heard?

Why would someone listen to the prankster or the shyster or the huckster? No, we choose to listen to those we trust. We do business with and donate to those who have earned our attention. We seek out people who tell us stories that resonate, we listen to those stories, and we engage with those people or businesses that delight or reassure or surprise in a positive way.

More difficult still is the magic of the story that resonates. After trust is earned and your work is seen, only a fraction of it is magical enough to be worth spreading. Again, this magic is the work of the human artist, not the corporate machine. We’re no longer interested in average stuff for average people.

Watsi is changing the world by connecting you with patients in serious need of low-cost medical care and enables you to fund high-impact treatments. What is your business doing?

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