Jawbone UP and Down

Jawbone UP’s tag line is “Know yourself, Live Better”: the objective is to nudge you into living healthier, sleeping better. I have been using UP since last 3 months now and I can now say that it has impacted my lifestyle.

Good Stuff

To start with, my alarm doesn’t have to wake up my whole family anymore as the wristband has a discreet vibrator. I track my steps everyday and my sleep and What Gets measured, Gets Managed!    

As fun as they can be, existing wearable monitoring devices are in the stone age compared to what they will become in three to five years. A list of features that could be embedded in future versions of the UP wristband – such as a GPS module (for precise location, including altitude), heartbeat, blood pressure, skin temperature and acidity sensors, bluetooth transmitter. (Before going that far, Jawbone must solve the battery-life issue and most likely design its own, dedicated super-low consumption processor.)

It’s the first time I am collecting my own data and managing myself, businesses and government agencies have been collecting our data since ages, it’s time we collect our data and make changes in our lives, changes we want.

Not so Good Stuff

My band died suddenly last week and I had to get a replacement from the Apple Store. I hope this one lasts.

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