Get Started

“Give a hungry man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a hungry man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” 

While the origin of this saying is debatable, its meaning is a clear as crystal. The passage of knowledge from one to another is far more beneficial and has a more lasting effect than simple charity. Thus is the vision of the Get Started program.

We envision a world of prosperity in which everyone has the opportunity to dream… and to make that dream into a reality. The Get Started program take the knowledge of enterprise that is usually reserved for that small percentage of the population that can afford higher education, condenses it into a concentrated form, adds a positive, motivational twist, and makes it available to anyone who has the desire to learn and become a successful entrepreneur.
Our vision is that… and so much more. There are millions of successful people who want to reach out to their communities and make the world a better place in which to live. These remarkable people also want to level the playing field so that more people have the tools, in the form of knowledge, that enable them to help themselves. The problem is that the wonderful people who want to give back to the world do not have the tools or know how with which to work. The Get Started program puts those tools into their hands and allows them to make a difference in the lives of the people that they so desperately want to help.
Our vision is one of people helping people. Schools, businesses, community centers, churches, and even individuals now have the tools to help others to succeed by becoming a host and inviting those within their community that want to learn to come and be a part of the Get Started program. 
In helping others to be an entrepreneurial success, they fulfill that desire to help not with simple charity alone, but by teaching them how to do it themselves. They in turn can help others and so, our vision to change the world can become a reality… even within our lifetime.
If successful, our vision… now a reality, enables business start-ups, creates jobs, and promotes spending, creating a more robust global economy for all to enjoy.
The Get Started program is a ten day, all encompassing course covering a wide variety of the information students at top-level universities will receive, condensed into a thin beam of concentrated entrepreneurial wisdom. By levelling the entrepreneurial playing field, the Get Started program will make an ongoing impact upon global economies through increased start-ups, job creation, and sales. In short, the Get Started program can help Change the World.

Who Can Participate?

The intense course is open to anyone who has the desire and determination to succeed in business. Presented with a high level of positive energy, “Get Started” instills hope, motivates the individual student, provides a formula for success in sales, as well as the life skills needed to help focus that determination in the proper direction.  

Why Get Started Is So Important?

What makes the Get Started program even more unique is that it can be hosted by anyone. Local businesses, Colleges, Trade Schools, Churches, Community Centres, and even individuals can raise their profiles in their respective communities by hosting the Get Started program. Hosting the Get Started program shows a willingness to give back to the communities in which they serve while making an ongoing positive impact on the economy on both the local and national level.

What is Needed to Change Our World?

All that is needed to host is a classroom setting for a 10-day period, easily attainable audio/video equipment, and internet access. The host acts as a sponsor or can attain partner sponsors. The Get Started program provides top-level professional video training via experts in their fields while the host acts as facilitator and coach, ensure a 100% smooth delivery of the materials.


Where to Find More Information

For more information on how to be a part of this revolutionary training program and help the people in your community to achieve their dreams while making a positive impact on our world, simply contact  me on


Together, we can all make a difference!

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