Notes from my Inner Engineering class

Anger is like turning against yourself

Anger is holding someone else responsible

Responsibility is the ability to respond

Take full responsibility of all my capabilities and in-capablities

You inhale what I exhale

Stress: When you have to do things you think you are not responsible for

Responsibilities are limitless, 

Actions are limited

Go through it willingly it becomes heaven, go through it unwillingly it becomes hell.

Responsibility: Willingness

Expression of Responsibility is Love

Mind is a heap of past

Future is a better past

This moment is inevitable

Moment to Moment Awareness

Accept what is there right now

Mind feeds from the past and excretes in future

The whole experience of life happens in a moment = eternity

Celebrate the moment, happens once in eternity

Accept the moment and the whole life is celebration

We are trying to celebrate

Acceptance = Friend

Non Acceptance = Enemy

Non acceptance gives the power to the enemy

See things just the way it is, or else it gets exaggerated in the mind

Whatever you accept, you become in charge

Whatever you don’t accept, takes charge of you

Your life is a series of reactions if you do not accept, a state on enslavement

If you accept, you can act rather than react

If you accept the moment, all your negativity gets wiped out.

if you are suffering, you are not in touch with the truth

The only door way to life is the real moment, if you are not, you are hallucinating


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