Packing tips every traveler should know

I am sure many of us spend hours thinking about what to pack for short travels we make. So, last weekend I made a short trip to visit my uncle in San Antonio and after serving me dinner and he asked me, If I keep my hand carry ready for that unplanned journey most people Fear? …..At first I did not understand, but when I did, I could not wait to get home and revisit contents of my heavy suitcase(s)

here is what I did…

-Throw away all heavy items
Hatred, Envy, Greed, and Anger  (HEGA) are most heaviest and will make the journey unpleasant
This are heavy stones in our bags and only drag us down, keep checking your bag on a daily basis and if you find any of these, throw them away.

Quick tip: Start Accepting
Hatred, Envy, Greed and Anger is usually the gap between reality and your desire. If you start accepting this as they are, HEGA will disappear.

-Remove Attachments 
Renounce all attachments with things and people…. and please don’t confuse renunciation with responsibilities or Love, you are still responsible for your family, work, community, try not to get attached.

Quick tip: Keep a very close eye on developing selfish attachments, enjoy the best in life but don’t get attached.

-Remove Expectation = Gratitude
I hacked this too! You see, I would get disappointed and frustrated often because things did not work out the way I wanted, or people did not behave they way I desired, by removing my expectation the whole game changed. If you don’t expect, you will be thankful for the smallest thing.

I discovered a new source of energy and love after throwing away unwanted items, I hope you will too.

So, what have you packed?

with Love & Gratitude.

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