I know I’m right.

I read a brilliant article by Tai Lopez today on Cognitive Bias and the fatal mistakes we make and have spent good part of a Sunday morning wondering… (actually, I spend most of everyday wondering…)

Friedrich Nietzsche says;

“Many people are obstinate about the path once it’s taken, few people about the destination.

What that means is that If you are stubborn about the methods you use you will usually lose your way – it will be fatal.
You should only be stubborn about one thing: Getting the end goal you wanted.

Everything else should be flexible – up for discussion.

Tai continues…If you read the book “Diet Cults” you will see how millions of people blindly follow their diet cult: Vegan, Paleo, Macrobiotic, Atkins, Vegetarian, etc.

But who cares about the diet??

You should only care about looking in the mirror and being lean and healthy.

That’s all the matters.

If eating cardboard accomplished that, then eat cardboard.
People love to elevate the experiment into the goal.

The experiment is never the goal.

You should never love the path.

Love the results.  

You dated someone with the goal of living happily ever after – finding the soul mate.

But then you realized, “Hey, this person I’m dating, I don’t think there is anything long term here.”

But you stay committed to the relationship anyway (and kick yourself for it later).

Don’t be that person. The one trapped in the cycle.

Life’s too short for deadly mistakes.

The simplest way to overcome the biases is to always ask yourself 2 questions:

1. “What’s my end goal?”

2. “Is this current experiment getting me efficiently towards that end goal?”

If the answer is “No”, ditch the experiment (NOT the goal).

Just iterate and modify the experiment slightly.

At first this will seem like it’s too slow of a strategy. It’s not.


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